Work With THESO

THESO rely on a strong nexus of different professionals to deliver results-based lifesaving humanitarian and developmental programmes.

Every month, new staff or volunteers join THESO to contribute more into the organisation vision and mission by supporting field-based staff providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance and development services to the most in need populations with limited or no access to healthcare, WASH, Education and Nutrition.

What it means to work with THESO

We expect you to commit to our mission and vision by the time you join us; Supporting delivery of quality humanitarian and   developmental services to populations in needs and to people affected by natural or man-made disasters.

The humanitarian and developmental services we provide is made possible by our committed staff and volunteers at all levels.

No matter what your qualification is, your values will make a difference in someone’s life when you become part of THESO’s mission.

Our Commitments

Each staff/volunteer commits to serve our beneficiaries with integrity and respect in a dignified manner upholding to THESO’s safeguarding policy, PSEA and professional code of conducts at all levels.

THESO does not tolerate any behaviour from our staff or volunteer that exploits the vulnerability of others, or of employees / volunteers taking advantage of their position for personal gain.

We do not tolerate any physical or psychological abuse against individuals, sexual harassment, sexual relations with minors, or any behaviour that does not respect human dignity.

THESO promotes a working environment free of harassment and abuse. Our leadership has unequivocally committed to fight abuse and to reinforce mechanisms and procedures to prevent and address it at all levels.