School Health and Nutrition

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Emergency Health and Nutrition Services

School Health and Nutrition

THESO has been contributing to the provision of basic health and essential nutrition services for the benefit of the population as per the MoH guidelines and set priorities. During the crisis, women and children were at their most vulnerable and THESO was among the first to respond delivering live-saving emergency integrated healthcare. THESO provides rapid delivery of evidence-based and innovative health and nutrition interventions that address the major causes of illness and death among the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Our Emergency Health and Nutrition programs focus on basic lifesaving maternal, new-borns and child healthcare, communicable disease prevention and control, the Minimum Initial Service Package for reproductive health in crises (MISP), including adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH), detection and treatment of acute malnutrition and breastfeeding promotion.

These program interventions are facilitated in close collaboration with national health authorities and through engagement with the health cluster at national, state and county levels coordination mechanisms. In cases where health infrastructures are not available, THESO work with the community innovatively to improvised temporary infrastructure suitable to provides live-saving emergency health services.

Donors and Partners

The Health Support Organization programs and activities are made possible by the help of our donors and partners who we continued to work hand in hand in addressing the plight of the South Sudanese people.

Our donors include:

Our partners include:

Through our joint commitment with our donors and partners, we continue to work together for better health.