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Working to deliver lifesaving humanitarian assistance.

At THESO, we provide developmental and humanitarian programmes implementation and CSOs capacity development. From 2022, THESO is making a shift of focus from reactive humanitarian approaches in health, food security/nutrition, education, and WASH system humanitarian response to building sustainable CSOs and government line ministries capacity, implementation and improvement in access and quality of all sectoral equitable services delivery to the populations of South Sudan. THESO is work in partnership with national CSOs and government line ministries in partnership with donors and UN Agencies to promote resilience sustainable accessible, high-quality national capacity to implement developmental and disaster risks management programmes in different sectors across the country.

Through it vision 2030 for reforms and transformation, THESO seek to work with different donors and UN Agencies to advance resilience sustainable development outcomes for health, education, and WASH systems. THESO recognises the importance of engagement between the public and private-sectors, donors, UN Agencies, communities and nongovernmental organisations to accelerate South Sudan development, industrialisation and human capital development.

THESO seek to lead Healthcare, Education and WASH Systems Reforms and Transformations through it vision 2030 a critical enabler for South Sudan in achieving resilience sustainable development and THESO’s support along that path. Stronger systems are necessary to deliver sustainable improvements in health, education, and WASH outcomes and ultimately to contribute to South Sudan’s economic growth.

Aptly, THESO launches its Vision for Health, Education and WASH Systems Reforms and Transformation 2030 as South Sudan recovers from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. THESO has mounted a strong, multi-pronged response to the pandemic as part of THESO’s overall effort. This Vision is designed to leverage improvements in resilience that comes with sound approaches to health, education and WASH systems Reforms and Transformations and prepare South Sudan health, education and WASH systems to better respond to shocks.

At it core programming, THESO provides quality developmental and humanitarian aid services in the different sectors:

Integrated Primary Healthcare

THESO implements integrated primary healthcare services in various counties in South Sudan. Our staff work round the clock to meet the great need for healthcare services. In over fifteen counties

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Committed Donor Support

Our donors go the extra mile to evaluate and confirm that projects are not only completed but implemented to the required standard so that those in need can full benefit.

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THESO 2030 Strategy

THESO 2030 strategy is contributing to achieving THESO 2070 blueprint and government’s 2040 vision and beyond while meeting global strategies 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4 and 6 set targets and beyond. To establish a well-performing Health, Education, Nutrition and WASH systems in South Sudan, THESO will continue to work with Government, UN Agencies and other stakeholders to achieves resilience and sustained Health, Education, Nutrition and WASH outcomes through continuous improvement of the four sectors.

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THESO support high-performing and sustainable health, education, Food Security/Nutrition and WASH systems as the basis for personal health, community stability, economic development and national security.

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At THESO, we follow a vision not a path. Relentless Optimism is what moves us forward because we see things differently and keeps trusting there are always other ways of saving lives; educating children and provides clean water that breaks down the barriers, improves DALY & QALY, and heals, transform the world. 

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