Integrated Primary Healthcare

THESO implements integrated primary healthcare services in various counties in South Sudan. Our staff work round the clock to meet the great need for healthcare services.

In over fifteen counties in South Sudan we have been helping people gain access to better medical care.

Life-saving Healthcare

Supporting the health needs of boys, girls, women and men badly affected by the humanitarian situation by intervening in undertaking life-saving medical procedures.

WASH Interventions

Providing WASH services to vulnerable and affected communities across South Sudan. THESO continues to implement WASH initiatives in IDP camps, and in deep field locations across South Sudan to enable the vulnerable population access water, and basic hygiene and sanitation services.

Committed Donor Support

Our donor steadfast commitment towards supporting our initiatives is a great motivation.
Our donors go the extra mile to evaluate and confirm that projects are not only completed but implemented to the required standard so that those in need can full benefit.