Primary Health Care System

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Primary Health Care System

Primary Health Care Programs

At THESO’s heart, primary health care is about caring for people, rather than simply treating specific diseases or conditions.

Our Primary Health Care services is made up of three main areas: empowered people and communities; multisectoral policy and action; and primary care and essential public health functions as the core of integrated health services. This includes a spectrum of services from prevention (i.e. vaccinations and family planning) to management of chronic health

conditions and palliative care. THESO delivers PHC services that meet the majority of an individual’s health needs over the course of their life. South Sudan health system has a strong PHC as its core and it delivers better health outcomes, efficiency and improved quality of care compared to other models.  THESO is privilege to be part of the contributors

with strong PHC strategies to support national ministry of health’s set targets to achieve universal health coverage and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Donors and Partners

The Health Support Organization programs and activities are made possible by the help of our donors and partners who we continued to work hand in hand in addressing the plight of the South Sudanese people.

Our donors include:

Our partners include:

Through our joint commitment with our donors and partners, we continue to work together for better health.