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To build a healthy community
To Provide clean safe drinking water
To end malnutrition

We have transformed 3 million lives with access to integrated healthcare, safe water & sanitation, and nutrition services. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of millions more.

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Your contribution is more than a donation; it is how we will work to save lives. You may choose to direct your donation to emergency healthcare, emergency water & sanitation, or malnutrition management.
On behalf of everyone affected by humanitarian crisis, thank you for being More than a live saver.

100% of your money save lives of people in need.
You can save and transform lives for families in South Sudan affected by crisis. Every single penny will help provide integrated healthcare, nutrition care and clean water and sanitation to communities in need.

Donors and Partners

The Health Support Organization programs and activities are made possible by the help of our donors and partners who we continued to work hand in hand in addressing the plight of the South Sudanese people.

Our donors include:

Our partners include:

Through our joint commitment with our donors and partners, we continue to work together for better health.